3 Mistakes that make Atlanta Falcons obvious NFC South favorites

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2. Carolina moving on from head coach Steve Wilks

What more could Steve Wilks have done to win the head coaching job in Carolina? Wilks took a team without a quarterback that had lost their starting running back and had them a victory away from winning the division in the 2022 season. This accomplishment deserved far more praise considering just how terrible this team was and the start they were off to.

While Carolina has made some great moves this off-season the loss of Wilks and star receiver D.J. Moore are going to take a toll.

The Panthers would have been far better served to keep Wilks and make the same moves the team did this off-season for a head coach who already clearly had his team's respect. This isn't a shot at Carolina's current head coach but only pointing out that there were struggles the last time around when Reich didn't have a starting quarterback.

Carolina will also be dealing with a rookie quarterback that now lacks a primary receiver. While the Panthers added depth at the position they didn't make any moves to believe that Moore's production will be close to replicated.