3 Mistakes that make Atlanta Falcons obvious NFC South favorites

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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3. The Saints signing Derek Carr

It has been months since the end of Carr's career with the Raiders and still, we are hearing about the breakup with his former team. Voicing frustration with the way things ended at the end of the season or even at the start of the off-season is completely understandable for the former Raider franchise quarterback.

However, these stories continuing to come out weeks after signing with the New Orleans Saints are giant red flags for New Orleans. This is a quarterback that has long been just good enough to win games but never able to take that next step to beat the best teams.

The one time his former team managed to beat Patrick Mahomes in the regular season you would think it was a Super Bowl victory. Carr is not the answer for New Orleans and spending the cap space they did for the veteran helps Atlanta and the rest of the NFC South long term.

The Saints lost a lot of key pieces while making the flashy move at quarterback. One that isn't going to win the team many games this season and long term will make a pending rebuild all the more uncomfortable.