3 More potential Atlanta Falcons surprise roster cuts heading into 2023 season

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Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith have made one thing clear since taking over the Atlanta Falcons. The duo doesn't care about how many zeros are at the end of your paycheck you will either fit into the system and win your role or the team won't hesitate to move on.

Deion Jones is the most recent example of this with the team opting to take the dead cap hit and bring in veteran Rashaan Evans over sticking with Jones. Deion had seen consistent regression in his level of production and Atlanta fixed the problem.

This approach has set the team up for a number of surprise cuts and roster additions over the last two seasons. The now-retired Jared Bernhardt or corner Dee Alford stand out as two of the more impressive stories for Atlanta during the duo's tenure.

While Bernhardt was a surprise retirement, Alford is still on the roster and looking to fight for the third or fourth corner spot on the depth chart.

Atlanta's new approach leaves some roster spots wide open and will result in a number of possible surprise cuts. While we are still weeks away from the preseason let's look at three names that could become surprise roster cuts before week one.