3 More potential Atlanta Falcons surprise roster cuts heading into 2023 season

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2. Feleipe Franks

This would be a surprise cut because it is a move that the team should have made a season ago. Everything that was said about Fontenot and Smith making players earn their role is true except for Franks who brings what to this Atlanta roster?

This isn't to pick on a player who has played this game at a level in high school and college that deserves immense respect but to point out this is a harsh game. A game that isn't about what you might accomplish or what you have done at lower levels but what you will do on game day to help your team win.

Franks isn't an NFL quarterback and despite little around him was unable to make an impact at tight end last season. This is year three for Franks and there still isn't a position for him known where the former quarterback can make an impact.

It isn't fair to the rest of the roster to give Franks a slot when there are players fighting for roles that have a chance to actually help this team win if forced into action. It is time for Smith and Fontenot to do what they have with the rest of the roster and move on from a player that simply isn't getting it done.