3 Most frustrating aspects of the Atlanta Falcons off-season

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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Lamar Jackson
Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens / G Fiume/GettyImages

1. Atlanta taking heat for not chasing Lamar Jackson

How many quarterbacks in this league are clearly better than Lamar Jackson? At best you can make a case for 8-10 players and that is stretching it when you consider the lack of offensive talent Lamar has played with and the numbers the former MVP has put up when healthy.

This isn't to advocate the Falcons did the wrong thing by choosing not to chase Lamar but rather to illustrate two points. The first is the fact that Lamar is clearly a top quarterback in this league and if any team deserves heat for how the situation has been handled it is the Baltimore Ravens. Why are you running your quarterback so much and refusing to add quality receivers if you're in turn not going to pay the one player who means everything to the offense?

If it is because of injury concerns they are of your own making relying on Lamar to be the entire offense. Failing to pay Lamar is a move the Ravens should be getting heat for not the Atlanta Falcons.

The second point here is even if the Falcons did have a chance to land Lamar and Baltimore was willing to let him slip away where is the heat for the other 10-15 teams with clearly inferior quarterbacks?

The answer is simply Desmond Ridder is a third-round pick and the Falcons make an easy target taking the focus away from what has been a great off-season.