3 Most frustrating aspects of the Atlanta Falcons off-season

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Drake London
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2. Atlanta's lack of depth at receiver

It speaks to the lack of depth Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith have added at receiver when Mack Hollins and Scotty Miller count as a big off-season at the position. Drake London is a very capable primary option but Atlanta still lacks a clear second and third receiver. Hollins might prove to be a capable second option but would be better served as the third or fourth receiver.

Miller is a speed option meant to stretch the field or give Atlanta occasional plays out of the slot. Neither player fixes a lack of depth the team has clearly failed to address in all three of Arthur Smith's seasons thus far.

With the additions of Hollins and Miller, however, the Falcons could still change this in the draft if they take a receiver on day two. With limited cap space, the draft remains the most likely way Atlanta can change this.

While London, Smith, Pitts, and Hollins are solid targets to truly set Desmond Ridder up for success the Falcons need one more reliable target whether that is a proven veteran or a pick early on day two of the draft it is a position the Falcons can't afford to continue to underrate.