3 Most frustrating aspects of the Atlanta Falcons off-season

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Will Levis
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3. The Atlanta Falcons aren't drafting Will Levis or Anthony Richardson

This lines up with the frustration surrounding the Lamar Jackson situation and points to a failure to pay basic attention to what the Falcons are indicating their plan is. Atlanta is moving forward with Desmond Ridder as their starting quarterback and mock drafting Levis or Richardson to Atlanta is a failure to pay attention.

Richardson is an exciting prospect but is clearly less polished than Ridder and likely to be off the board long before the Falcons have a selection. The fact that Will Levis is being talked about within the top ten speaks to how weak this year's quarterback prospects are as a whole.

Taking Levis or Richardson wouldn't make sense even if the Falcons didn't believe in Ridder which they are giving every indication they do. Ridder is a better quarterback than Levis and has lower bust potential than Richardson.

Clearly, these quarterbacks have been tied to Atlanta without considering whether Atlanta has interest at the position in the first round of the potential fits in comparison to Ridder. While Richardson has immense talent neither quarterback is an upgrade over Ridder and the Falcons have made it clear Desmond will be given a chance to begin the 2023 season as the starter.