3 Most likely decisions for the Atlanta Falcons with the 8th overall pick

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2. Trade down and add a day two pick

There are a number of teams that are looking for a quarterback, receiver, or tackle that could trade up to Atlanta's position. The Falcons should take a cautious approach to trading down but be very open to the idea. If you can trade down and add a day-two pick and still add Verse or Latu in the first round that is a huge win for Terry Fontenot.

Atlanta needs to add depth in the secondary and an additional weapon for Kirk Cousins. Trading down is the right move if you believe that you can still land one of the top three prospects at edge. This allows Atlanta to add to corner or receiver on day two with an additional pick or perhaps look to add Michael Penix Jr.

Terry Fontenot has made it clear heading into the draft that Atlanta's approach is completely wide open. This suggests that the team is at least going to explore trading down if the phone rings. With questions about each of the top three edge rushers in this draft, this makes a level of sense with the roster needs left. A day-one trade for Atlanta shouldn't come as a surprise.