3 Most likely decisions for the Atlanta Falcons with the 8th overall pick

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3. Atlanta cannot resist adding another weapon for Kirk Cousins

Considering what we have seen each of the last three years taking Brock Bowers or Malik Nabers is completely on the table. It isn't what the franchise should do but how much of a voice did Terry Fontenot have each of the past three seasons?

Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson have been Atlanta's last three first-rounders. Each season it is easy to make the case the Falcons should have been looking at another position. This is especially the case with Robinson and Pitts who both have the chance to be star players but didn't have a quarterback or defense to support them.

Will Atlanta continue making the surprising decision? It would be harmful to this roster to continue to ignore the edge position in favor of adding another weapon. However, perhaps Fontenot is pushing all of his chips in on the offense believing a healthy Jarrett and year-three Ebiketie will be enough with the unit on the field far less.

It would be a mistake but it shouldn't be ruled out when you consider the recent draft history. It is completely on the table Atlanta keeps the streak alive.