3 moves Atlanta Falcons should make after Week 4 loss

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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1. Hire a passing game coordinator

Arthur Smith's Atlanta Falcons offense isn't working or even close to working. Part of the problem we will talk about in the next obvious move Atlanta has to make. However, for now, let's keep the focus on Arthur Smith and the struggling offense that is basically been reduced to Bijan Robinson or bust.

Teams are sitting down on Atlanta's routes waiting to help attack the run game knowing that Smith isn't going to throw it deep. The few times that Smith has proven the defense wrong his receiver or quarterback makes a mistake and the play fails.

Smith needs help breathing life into this passing offense and Atlanta's current offensive coordinator isn't an option. There are plenty of veteran options the Falcons could bring in to help design plays and get Arthur Smith's run game to mix with a capable passing attack.

Whether it is hiring a passing game coordinator or Smith changing his brand of offense it is obvious that the play calling must improve or the offensive struggles are going to continue no matter who is playing the quarterback position for the Falcons. Arthur Smith has to be willing to get outside help and make needed adjustments.