3 moves Atlanta Falcons should make after Week 4 loss

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. Bench Desmond Ridder

This is the move the Atlanta Falcons should make when you look at what Desmond has put on tape and the lack of respect the quarterback demands. The secondary of the Lions and the Jaguars showed the Falcons zero respect sitting down inside the chains coming up to help stop the run and daring Desmond to prove he could throw the ball past the sticks.

Ridder isn't the answer that this team needs we are eight games into his career and the regression has been concerning. Open receivers are being missed and receivers are being stared down resulting in turnover chances.

This defense and offensive group outside of Ridder is far too talented to continue to stick with Desmond. Arthur Smith has a record of sticking with failing starters for far too long, however, making it likely that we are going to have to see something even uglier than we watched on Sunday for the head coach to make a move.

Winning should be the focus this season with two years of rebuilding behind us to develop players. Desmond Ridder doesn't give this team their best chance to win games right now and with little tied to the starter it is time to make the move.