3 Moves getting lost in the Atlanta Falcons quarterback debate

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2. Receiver depth

This isn't the first time that this complaint has been mentioned and it until it is fixed it won't be the last. Arthur Smith's first season in Atlanta the answer was to draft Kyle Pitts and feature a myriad of undersized and undertalented receivers. The next season was an improvement with the team drafting Drake London but still failing to add any secondary options again leaning on a rookie to be the primary target.

Whether it was Van Jefferson, Mack Hollins, or Bryan Edwards the team shopped in the bargain aisle hoping for an easy fix. Without any starters under contract after Drake London the position needs to be completely rebuilt. Atlanta needs to add both in the draft and in free agency.

There needs to be at least one major addition at the position as well as 2 to 3 moves that give the roster capable secondary options. Drake London and Kyle Pitts can be your featured pass catchers but you must add depth behind them or the struggles will remain no matter who your quarterback is. With Zac Robinson running three receiver sets far more often the position will have an increased importance as well under Raheem Morris.