3 Moves left for the Atlanta Falcons to make after the 2023 draft

2023 NFL Draft - Portraits
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2. Bring back Rashaan Evans

It is clear the Falcons want to move into the season with Troy Andersen getting a chance to play a larger role as a starter. However, with very little depth behind him and questions still existing about Mykal Walker bringing Evans back makes sense for both sides.

The issue thus far with bringing back the veteran is likely selling Atlanta's leading tackler from a season ago on a reserve role. This is understandable from both sides considering what Evans brought to Atlanta as well as the team's want to evaluate younger players.

With Evans still on the market it would seem the veteran's options are limited and returning to Atlanta to help the defense take a step forward and assist Andersen and Walker make sense for both sides. Evans could prove to be a starting option as well if Andersen doesn't take the expected step or Atlanta deals with an injury. With very few clear options at the position on the current depth chart, it is a needed upgrade.

Evans finished the 2022 season with 159 tackles, 2.0 sacks, and a forced fumble. The only reason this deal doesn't get done is that Evans is unwilling to return to Atlanta in a backup role.