3 Moves left for the Atlanta Falcons to make after the 2023 draft

2023 NFL Draft - Portraits
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3. Bring back MyCole Pruitt and move on from Franks

Atlanta's current depth chart at tight end projects are as follows: Kyle Pitts, Jonnu Smith, Parker Hesse, and Feleipe Franks. Pitts and Smith are obviously the starters with Pitts hopefully going back to playing the receiver role he did in the 2021 season.

While the Falcons would fine at the position without making a further move bringing back Pruitt makes sense. Late in the year, Desmond Ridder showed chemistry with the veteran tight end with Pruitt making two noteworthy plays in Ridder's first four starts.

Bringing back Pruitt and cutting Franks is obviously a move that makes your team better and brings back another target your young quarterback is familiar with. Franks making the roster as a tight-end or a quarterback is not acceptable for a team looking to make a playoff push.

Franks clearly can't play tight end or quarterback failing at both positions. While this may seem harsh it is the reality of the league you can either help the team win or you can't and Franks clearly is the latter. Bringing back Pruitt makes your roster far better and gets rid of a player Atlanta should have cut a season ago.