3 Moves that doom the Atlanta Falcons if Bill Belichick is hired

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It seems almost inevitable that the Atlanta Falcons are going to hire Bill Belichick. From Arthur Blank's history as an owner to the entire way the coaching situation has been handled, everything lends itself to this belief. While there is a myriad of interesting fits still out there it seems Blank is focused on Belichick.

Bill is a historically great coach and could work in Atlanta under the right circumstances. This means setting up the system where there is less on Bill's plate. It doesn't take an NFL expert to look at the last four years in New England and know what went wrong.

It also isn't fair to play revisionist history and pretend as if Brady always was the key to Belichick. Look at the early years or Rams Super Bowl win in particular. Brady and Belichick needed each other, and each were great in their own right.

However, the reservations about Bill at this point in his career as much the same as if the Falcons announced Tom Brady was their next quarterback. Though at least the latter has proven to defy father time. Regardless, the reservations are obvious and well founded. These are the three moves that simply cannot happen if Belichick comes to Atlanta.