3 Moves that doom the Atlanta Falcons if Bill Belichick is hired

New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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1. Make Terry Fontenot irrelevant

Already the Falcons ownership and team president have done a poor job at this by appearing at the team's press conference without their GM. Forget whether or not the reasoning behind it is legitimate and focus on the optics of the situation. The previous GM was brought to this same press conference when Mike Smith was fired.

If you want the GM and coach to work together it makes sense and could work well for both sides. It seems that was the case with Arthur Smith and Fontenot. That worked out well with the team hitting in free agency and having a strong 2023 draft class. Fontenot has proven to be a very reliable GM and adept at manipulating the cap space.

After failing to have Fontenot at the press conference if the team brings in Belichick and gives him roster control this team is in trouble. Not only does Fontenot deserve far better but so do the fans. Terry has done his job that is the reason he has retained it. If you're going to bring in Belichick don't give his voice away to someone that has been an objectively terrible GM for nearly half a decade.