3 Moves that doom the Atlanta Falcons if Bill Belichick is hired

New England Patriots Press Conference
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2. Bringing Matt Patricia to Atlanta

Matt Patricia did what to fix the Eagles' defense in Philly this season? Despite seeing the coach thrust into an elevated role things only seemed to grow worse for the Eagles. That was the case when Patricia was the head coach with the Lions and in his last go-around with the Patriots. We get the history at the position but it seems that his career is heading in the wrong direction and isn't a fit for the Falcons.

Whether it is bringing in Bill's son who has shown improvement as a coach or another surprise DC Atlanta doesn't want or need Matt. The former Patriots coordinator is going to be tied to any team that lands Belichick and that is for good reason.

The veteran coach likes to work with his people and bring in the same coordinators after they fail as head coaches. While this may work on the offensive side of the ball it simply cannot be considered for Patricia. Atlanta would be better off either putting Jerry Gray in the role or with Belichick going with an outside hire.