3 Moves that doom the Atlanta Falcons if Bill Belichick is hired

New England Patriots Press Conference
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3. Drafting a quarterback in Atlanta's current draft spot

The Falcons either need to trade up to draft a quarterback or be content to go with a veteran option. Atlanta cannot bring in a rookie quarterback that needs a lot of work and development. Since Brady the Patriots staff hasn't shown an ability to develop young players. It is fair to say that both Zappe and Mac Jones are worse players than what we saw early on with New England.

Neither player has shown growth, and it is clear that Bill's system works best with a veteran quarterback. A lot of speculation has been made about whether that could be Kirk Cousins. While the veteran leaving the Vikings seems unlikely the idea of Bill and Kirk working together seems odd.

However, Atlanta's options are limited at the position and the team must get creative. Perhaps this means trading up in a position to take Drake Maye or Caleb Williams. Or if the Bears aren't going to trade the pick could Justin Fields be the answer?

Regardless, the point remains if Belichick takes over this team cannot simply sit in their current position and draft a starting quarterback it wouldn't end well for the Falcons or Belichick if Patriots recent history tells us anything.