3 Moves that show why the Atlanta Falcons made the right decision at quarterback

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1. New Orleans Saints gives Derek Carr $150-million

The best unrestricted free agents this off-season at quarterback were Derek Carr and Jimmy G. two players who have very different careers. Carr has the career numbers but zero playoff success while Jimmy is a consistent winner who has leaned on a great roster in San Francisco rarely putting up anything more than below-average numbers.

Derek Carr has been in the league for nearly a decade and has as many playoff wins as Desmond Ridder. In his lone playoff start the Raiders failed to make it to twenty points and returned to mediocrity the next season.

Carr downgraded weapons in New Orleans and will yet again disappoint a fanbase in the 2023 season by continuing to fail to make the postseason. While this season is team-friendly the next two seasons New Orleans is tied to Carr with $35 and $45 million dollar cap hits. A massive amount of cap space to give to a player who has proven unable to win consistently.

The best free agent fit for the Falcons would have cost Atlanta the ability to sign their franchise players long-term and build up the defense in favor of adding a more experienced quarterback with a clear ceiling. It isn't a stretch to believe Ridder can be better than Derek Carr. Even if this isn't the case Atlanta can easily move on from Desmond something New Orleans will soon wish they could do from a quarterback that further destroys New Orleans' future ability to contend.