3 Moves that show why the Atlanta Falcons made the right decision at quarterback

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2. Carolina's move to the top of the draft

The Panthers gave the Bears D.J. Moore, two first-round picks, and three additional picks to move up eight spots in the draft. The Bears clearly content with Justin Fields at quarterback cashed in on the pick clearly winning the deal in the short term. The Panthers now hold the first overall pick but at a heavy price one the Falcons clearly couldn't afford to pay.

Atlanta putting together a similar package to move up to Houston's pick or even Arizona's has never been an option and simply doesn't make sense. Why spend those assets now when there is a chance Desmond Ridder could be the answer?

Building a great roster and evaluating your options was the only move for Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith. Spending a package similar to Carolina's to move up to take a shot at the position in a weak class is a risky move that could end with Fontenot or Smith losing their jobs.

The wise decision is putting Heinicke a player who can win now behind Ridder and focusing on building out a roster that had become void of depth and talent over the last five years. Something the Falcons couldn't do if they went all in for C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young.