3 Moves that show why the Atlanta Falcons made the right decision at quarterback

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3. Daniel Jones signs for an average annual salary of $40 million

Daniel Jones was clearly a better player in the 2022 season and had some great moments with the Giants. However, if we are being objective moves that pay Derek Carr or Daniel Jones north of $35 million are moves of desperation speaking to the importance of the quarterback position and the lack of clear options on the market or in the draft.

New York paying Daniel Jones $40 million when he is the third-best quarterback within his own division speaks to where the market is and why the Falcons made the decision that they did. There isn't a reasonable argument that can be made a team would sign Daniel Jones over Jalen Hurts if given a choice.

Despite Dak's turnover and playoff struggles the veteran quarterback is far more proven than Jones clearly the second-best quarterback in the division. Atlanta had very few options in free agency or in the trade market and this move speaks to that fact.

Desmond Ridder is in the second season of a third round deal with clear indications he can be a better player than Carr or Jones who benefitted from desperate teams and a lack of options.