3 Moves that will make the Atlanta Falcons NFC contenders in 2024

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1. Trade up to draft Caleb Williams

This potential Atlanta Falcons move obviously entirely hinges on whether or not the Bears opt to stick with Justin Fields. Fields was impressive during the 2023 season showing the reasons why Chicago was attempting to build the team around him. Whether or not this continues is all in how much value the Bears put in Caleb Williams.

In Atlanta, Caleb makes the Falcons offense work from day one and clearly would benefit from their myriad of young weapons. Williams is the best quarterback on the market this offseason and should be at the top of Atlanta's list.

While Jayden Daniels, Kirk Cousins, and Justin Fields are great secondary options the focus should be on landing the pick to draft Caleb. Williams has an uncertain future with the Bears trading down last season and this year Justin Fields showing improvement. Whether Chicago wants to start over or continue to bet on their young quarterback will shape the market for not only the Falcons but the rest of the teams in the hunt for a starting quarterback.

If Atlanta can somehow pull off this trade it will go down as one of the best moves in franchise history with Williams proving himself to be a franchise quarterback.