3 Moves the Atlanta Falcons should consider making after the draft

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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1. Re-sign Calais Campbell

Yes, the Falcons have a great duo in David Onyemata and Grady Jarrett. However, both players are veterans who have dealt with recent injuries. Campbell spent a decent amount of time as Atlanta's best player along the defensive line. Despite his age, Campbell still plays at an incredible level.

The Falcons do have depth at the position and could look to move on from a veteran player. While this makes sense on paper it doesn't cover the leadership that Campbell brings. The respect that the veteran garners was obvious in interviews and interactions with teammates.

Calais is the ultimate pro that is defying Father Time and playing at a high level. The big question here isn't whether Atlanta should make the move, but rather will Calais return for another season? Retirement is on the table as is playing for a clear Super Bowl contender. The Falcons are in the playoff conversation but not a Super Bowl contender.

With the level that Calais is playing at, he could pick a backup role for any of the top teams in the league. Whether that is a return to Baltimore or joining forces with Patrick Mahomes. Still, Atlanta should attempt a reunion.