3 Moves the Atlanta Falcons should consider making after the draft

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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3. Cut Lorenzo Carter and bring in another edge rusher

If the draft goes as it should the Falcons will be starting either Verse, Latu, or Turner at one edge position. This leaves Lorenzo Carter and Arnold Ebiketie as your other starting options. Carter has been a great defender but not a viable pass rusher. Ebiketie has been the opposite doing a great job getting to the quarterback but struggling to defend the run or finish plays well.

The Falcons need to bring in a balance between the two players. Bud Dupree returning could be that answer with the team starting a rookie and Ebiketie with Dupree able to step in. Lorenzo Carter remaining on the roster is an odd decision when you consider his impact and the lack of ability to get to the quarterback.

Having a solid edge to defend the run is great for the defense. But the value in this is offset if the quarterback understands they are rarely going to be a threat. It is far better to have Ebiketie in the lineup with the hope he improves as a tackler. At this stage of Carter's career, it is doubtful he improves getting to the quarterback.