3 new players that will thrill Falcons fans all season long

Falcons fans should be excited about these three new players.
Clemson v South Carolina
Clemson v South Carolina / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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3. Ruke Orhorhoro, DL

The Dirty Birds picked Ruke Orhorhoro in the second round because of his pure strength and athleticism. The former Clemson Tiger is a six-foot-four, 300-pound monster who can move like someone half his size.

Part of the thrill that will be Orhorhoro is seeing where he lines up from snap to snap. Raheem Morris used his defensive linemen in unique ways as the defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams. We could see the rookie lining up anywhere from nose tackle to edge rusher.

His length gives him the ability to be used in any role. While he still needs a little development, he will still thrill everyone as a rookie.

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