3 Notable Atlanta Falcons in danger of being cut before the 2023 season

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Casey Hayward
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1. Casey Hayward

With the additions of Mike Hughes and Jeff Okudah, it is still completely on the board that the Falcons cut Casey Hayward. When it became obvious that Hayward helped recruit Jessie Bates to Atlanta an obvious roster cut appeared safe.

Hayward was an obvious cut in the fact the Falcons could save $5 million and Casey was coming off of an injury-plagued season in his mid-thirties. Cutting Hayward and attempting to re-sign the veteran to a cheaper deal or looking to add one of the top corners on the market seemed to be on the table.

However, after the Falcons lost Isaiah Oliver and Bates was recruited by Atlanta players including Hayward it seemed the veteran's roster spot was safe. While Hayward should still have an inside track to a contributing role the Falcons have invested in two former top prospects Hughes and Okudah who will clearly be given a chance as well.

Add in Dee Alford and Darren Hall who have both shown flashes of making plays and Atlanta has a lot of depth now at the corner position. This puts cutting Hayward back on the board if the veteran struggles in camp or appears to have lost a step.