3 Notable Atlanta Falcons in danger of being cut before the 2023 season

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Cordarrelle Patterson, Jalen Mayfield
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2. Jalen Mayfield

This should finally be the end of Jalen Mayfield in Atlanta with the Falcons clearly giving the guard one final shot to earn a starting role. If Jalen looks as lost as he did in camp last year the Falcons are going to cut the third-year guard in favor of players who have a hope of developing further.

With that said, however, it is obvious unless the Falcons take an offensive lineman in the top ten of the draft Mayfield will be given every chance to earn back a starting role. This isn't a bad decision considering this time Mayfield will have to earn the role not being handed a starting job he clearly couldn't handle.

It seems very doubtful that Mayfield has taken a step forward considering just how lost Jalen was on the field in the 2021 season. Atlanta has nothing to lose by giving Mayfield a chance to prove there has been development in what appears to be a completely open competition at left guard.

The most likely way this ends isn't with Mayfield fighting his way back into the lineup but with the Falcons cutting Jalen and moving on from a player who was the one notable draft miss from this front office.