3 Notable Atlanta Falcons in danger of being cut before the 2023 season

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Feleipe Franks
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3. Feleipe Franks

You have the Falcons front office and coaching staff preaching you must earn your spot on the roster or you will be taken out of the lineup no matter what your paycheck might say. This mentality has been followed everywhere except with three of the players mentioned in this article Mariota, Mayfield, and Feleipe Franks.

Why is Franks still on this roster? The former quarterback and current tight-end brings the ability to play multiple positions but none at a level that helps the team win. Perhaps this is the season Franks takes a step forward and actually earns a roster spot, however, the more likely outcome is the Falcons finally choose to move on.

Franks hasn't shown an ability to create positive plays from either position and the Falcons have plenty of options in the draft and free agency if they simply want a utility player for short-yardage situations.

Franks backing up Matt Ryan clearly didn't work and this past season playing tight-end with a lack of depth ahead of him Feleipe still failed to make his way up the depth chart. The few times Franks makes it on the field it is missed plays or instant tackles barring a huge preseason there is no reason to carry Franks on this roster for another season.