3 Off-season NFC South mistakes that benefit the Atlanta Falcons

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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2. Carolina failing to give Bryce Young a clear number one option

A quarterback's best friend is a primary receiver that can help make the transition to the next level easier and give a young player a trusted source of offense. To add Bryce Young the Panthers parted ways with D.J. Moore and responded to this issue by adding a myriad of veteran options.

While the Panthers have a solid receiving core they lack one player that is going to demand respect from the opposing defense. An aging Adam Thielen or an inconsistent Hayden Hurst are going to have great moments but are not players that can be relied on to help a young quarterback.

Josh Allen and Joe Burrow are two examples of first-round quarterbacks who needed that primary target to go from quality starters to elite. Bryce Young has more limitations than these two players making the need for a number-one receiver all the more critical.

Parting ways with Moore in exchange for a more valuable position makes sense but failing to add another option as the primary receiver does not. This is a Carolina offense that is going to completely depend on Bryce Young being great in year one.