3 Off-season NFC South mistakes that benefit the Atlanta Falcons

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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3. Tampa Bay signing Baker Mayfield to compete with Kyle Trask

At least Tampa is attempting what New Orleans should by rebuilding, however, going from Tom Brady at quarterback to either Mayfield or Trask is one of the biggest downgrades in league history. You have the best to ever play the position unable to push this roster to a .500 team and no have lost a lot of talent and are turning to either Mayfield or Trask.

Mayfield seems to be the early favorite despite what the quarterback put on tape with the Panthers last season. With Mike Evans and Chris Godwin at receiver either quarterback is capable of great moments but it is hard to see this happening often.

Trask has clear limitations on his game and isn't the answer to life after Brady the franchise had hoped. On the other hand, you have Baker Mayfield who has proven to make key mistakes at the worst times. The fight for the starting job speaks to where this franchise is and shows they won't be a threat in the NFC South for at least the next two seasons. Something they will likely gladly accept considering the Super Bowl Brady brought the franchise.