3 Offensive players that could prevent the Falcons from drafting a pass rusher

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1. Drake Maye

The Atlanta Falcons need to draft an edge rusher if at all possible in the first round. There are only three possible players that could fall their way that should change their mind. How much is real with the J.J. McCarthy rumors? Jayden Daniels and Caleb Williams are far too exciting as prospects to fall outside the top five picks.

If one of the top four quarterbacks were to fall it would be Drake Maye. The most likely scenario is that a team moves up inside the top five to draft either Maye or McCarthy. However, with the talent in this draft, it is possible teams opt not to overvalue the quarterback position and take one of the safer talents.

The Giants are the biggest question mark in this equation as well as the Vikings and whether they would move up. If Drake Maye were to fall Atlanta's way they will be posed with a difficult question draft their quarterback of the future to sit behind Kirk Cousins for two seasons or search for a trade down and still take an edge rusher they so badly need.

No matter how you look at this it is unlikely to happen, if things go as expected Maye should be off the board in the top three.