3 Offensive players that could prevent the Falcons from drafting a pass rusher

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2. Marvin Harrison Jr.

There are two players in this draft that have arguments as being deserving of the 1st overall pick that aren't quarterbacks. One of those players is Marvin Harrison Jr. who has an argument as the best prospect in this draft. The Falcons don't need to draft another skill player in the first round this season.

Despite this, if Harrison were to somehow fall their way the choice would be taken away from the Falcons. You cannot sit there and pass on a generational player that Marvin Harrison Jr. appears capable of being.

The Falcons sit with the 8th overall pick with four quarterbacks supposedly coming off the board in front of them. If this happens the Falcons are going to be three picks away from landing Harrison with one more clear top-five talent

It seems likely the Chargers would take Harrison or the Giants for their young quarterbacks. However, it is also completely possible one team takes the next player on our list and someone talks themselves into taking an edge rusher or Brock Bowers ahead of Harrison. Is it likely? No, but the Falcons should keep a close eye on arguably the best prospect in this draft.