3 Offensive players that could prevent the Falcons from drafting a pass rusher

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3. Joe Alt

The second player that the Falcons should take with zero hesitation if he falls their way is Joe Alt. You have questions at both tackle positions and Alt is one of the safest prospects in this draft. Yes, you need an edge rusher but you can't pass on a clear franchise player to take your best guess at edge.

Something that this team has been historically bad at in their recent history. Jake Matthews is playing at a high level and continues to be a steady presence at left tackle. However, considering his age and current cap hit it is fair to have some level of concern at the position.

Kaleb McGary is a much clearer concern as his level of play dipped in the 2023 season. The Falcons have reason to believe they may need a plan in place to replace him this season. Matthews and McGary could be both great starters for another season or the team could need a replacement already on the roster.

Joe Alt is too great of a prospect to pass on in favor of drafting Dallas Turner unless the Falcons are willing to move down and add picks.