3 Options to replace Marcus Mariota in season 2 of Quarterback

Netflix Premiere Of "Quarterback"
Netflix Premiere Of "Quarterback" / Randy Shropshire/GettyImages
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Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota was one of three starters to star in the Netflix docu-series Quarterback. The series has remained in the top ten charts and clearly is a hit providing a unique perspective on three very different players.

Patrick Mahomes was the obvious choice as clearly the best quarterback in the game and as a part of a great team. It is hard to not respect the quarterback whether it is watching the immense preparation Mahomes puts in or passionately arguing to stay in the game after an ugly ankle injury. There are a lot of accolades being attached to Patrick and watching this docu-series only proves how deserving the quarterback is of the praise he is given.

Cousins seemingly was often the main character with the often maligned veteran quarterback showing impressive dedication and dealing with a lot while still playing at a high level in the 2022 season.

Mariota was an interesting addition to the series but clearly was a large step down from his co-stars when it comes to his level of play. With a season 2 of the series likely inevitable considering the success let's take a look at three quarterbacks that would be perfect to replace Mariota if we are given a second season.