3 Options to replace Marcus Mariota in season 2 of Quarterback

Netflix Premiere Of "Quarterback"
Netflix Premiere Of "Quarterback" / Randy Shropshire/GettyImages
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1. Josh Allen

Josh Allen plays with an attitude and fearlessness that makes the quarterback fascinating. Allen has as much ability as any quarterback in the league as an elite rusher and the arm to make any throw on the field. The problem for Josh has been turnovers that result in a level of inconsistent play.

The last time we saw this team was highlighted by Stefon Diggs standing on the sideline showing up as his quarterback. This team has so many different stories to follow from their star receiver's status, Allen's recklessness, the team's fascination with chasing down the Chiefs, and the obvious star power that Allen would bring to the series.

Watching Josh Allen every Sunday you're never quite sure what you're going to see. At times Allen looks to be the best quarterback in the league making plays no one else can while the very next week there will be three unforgivable turnovers with Josh looking completely lost.

Allen both on and off the field would be a great addition to the series and offer fans an inside look at one of the league's stars.