3 Options to replace Marcus Mariota in season 2 of Quarterback

Netflix Premiere Of "Quarterback"
Netflix Premiere Of "Quarterback" / Randy Shropshire/GettyImages
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2. Desmond Ridder

If we're being honest outside of asking Atlanta Falcons fans the vast majority of NFL quarterbacks will be named before Ridder is considered. However, let's look at the potential fit for a moment and consider what the series might owe the Falcons after Mariota's debut.

So often in the series, it felt that Mariota was being elevated unfairly as if it was the team that was at fault and not the obvious failure of the quarterback. Atlanta wasn't exactly villainized but the docu-series at times failed to show just how badly Mariota hurt the team and seemed to often point blame away from Mariota.

Perhaps it is this type of presentation that Desmond Ridder needs after an off-season full of critcism has been slung the quarterback's way. Desmond has been written off by much sports media before ever being given a fair chance.

Continuing to follow Atlanta's quarterback in year one with Desmond Ridder a chance to wipe this away and keep a portion of the series in Atlanta. While this is doubtful considering Ridder's standing and the series likely wanting to find new landing spots in a potential season two it would be a great underdog story and provide insight into a player that has been unfairly treated this off-season.