3 Options to replace Marcus Mariota in season 2 of Quarterback

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3. Lamar Jackson

There has never been a quarterback that plays the position with Lamar's ability or style of play. Jackson and the Ravens finally agreed on a long-term deal wiping away any concerns about Jackson's future and setting the team up to be one of the surprise contenders in a stacked AFC.

So often when talking about teams that could challenge the Chiefs it is the same three teams mentioned the Bills, Bengals, and Jaguars. All three teams deserve respect but let's remember how great this Ravens team is capable of being.

The Ravens were a goalline fumble away from beating the Bengals in the playoffs without Lamar Jackson. This team is a serious contender and following Jackson in his first season after finally getting the payday he deserved would be fascinating.

Lamar's style and ability to carry the offense would make for a great season and perhaps earn the quarterback a bit more respect. Jackson is far too easily dismissed or forgotten when talking about the league's top starters.

Adding Jackson for a potential season 2 would be a great move providing insight into one of the most talented and unique players to ever suit up and quarterback.