3 Overlooked players pivotal to Atlanta Falcons 2024 playoff return

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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3. Tyler Allgeier

Will Allgeier be happy with an even lesser role in the 2024 season? Happy might be a bit strong with the team appearing to lessen his role each season. After a great rookie debut, the team still opted to draft Bijan Robinson moving Allgeier further down the priority list.

Now in year three the Falcons have added Zac Robinson, Kirk Cousins, Darnell Mooney, and Rondale Moore. This team is going to be far more pass-heavy. With suggestions of using Robinson in a Christian McCaffrey-type role, where does this leave Allgeier?

To be at their best, the Falcons need Tyler to buy in for at least one year. The back is going to be used as the power option and to give Robinson needed breaks. Will a player who has proved to he can produce in less than ideal situations be content with this role?

Allgeier is easy to root for and it would be completely understandable if the third-year player wants to land elsewhere in his final season. For now, however, Atlanta needs Allgeier to buy in and be willing to take a step back yet again and play a vital but lesser role in Atlanta.