3 Overlooked quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could consider adding

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1. Baker Mayfield

For the Atlanta Falcons, it seems Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson, and Justin Fields are receiving all of the attention and rumors. Perhaps this is due to the belief that Baker is going to re-sign with Tampa during free agency.

However, the Falcons should still at least reach out to Baker Mayfield and consider signing the veteran quarterback. Baker has had an inconsistent career and due to this will be cheaper than Kirk Cousins. With Mayfield, you get a similar ceiling in a younger quarterback at a cheaper price.

The risks are obvious when you consider how things ended with the Browns and Mayfield's struggles with the Panthers.

Baker Mayfield hasn't put together the proven consistent seasons as Kirk Cousins has. Despite this, it is a consideration as you take away a quarterback from your division rival and get a younger bridge quarterback who has proven to be elite at embracing the underdog role.

Atlanta will be attached to every relevant quarterback until they make a move in the draft or free agency based on the team's desperation. Considering their draft spot and the history of Terry Fontenot expect a move at the position early on in free agency.