3 Overlooked quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could consider adding

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2. Carson Wentz

This isn't to suggest that the Atlanta Falcons sign Carson Wentz as their starting quarterback. However, if Wentz is willing to sign in a backup or competition role it would be a great move for the Falcons. Carson is more talented than any quarterback currently on the roster and would be a great fallback option.

Wentz had a solid season with the Colts that was ended due to a season-ending loss that cost the team a shot at the playoffs. Nick Foles ended Carson's time with the Eagles with the quarterback never regaining his team after the veteran backup made his Super Bowl run.

This leaves only Washington as a clear failure with Carson Wentz not having moments where he looked capable of playing at a franchise quarterback level. Before the season-ending injury that put Nick Foles into the lineup, Wentz was playing at an MVP level.

Two teams have attempted to unlock this version of Wentz since that time and both failed. Carson spent this past season as the backup to Matthew Stafford. It is a long shot that the MVP version of Wentz is still there but with nothing but less-than-ideal options as starters why not bring in the veteran as your second option?