3 Overlooked quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could consider adding

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3. Gardner Minshew

The Atlanta Falcons are obviously not going to sign Gardner Minshew as their starting quarterback heading into the 2024 season. But if the team is going to draft a rookie quarterback or bring in a veteran coming off of an injury (Kirk Cousins) signing Minshew would be a slam dunk.

We just watched the Colts hang their future on Anthony Richardson and Minshew step in and save their season. The quarterback is not flashy or special in any of the ways that Atlanta Falcons fans want at the position. What Minshew is, however, is a reliable adult at the position who is going to step into the offense and make the right decisions getting the ball to his best players.

The Falcons need a reliable second option if they draft a rookie or go the veteran route. Of their options Minshew and Wentz should be at the top of the list. Both are players who have shown a high ceiling as a starter but will be looking at backup roles this offseason.

Terry Fontenot clearly understands the urgency at the position and should make additions from more than one avenue over the next three months.