3 perfect developmental QBs for the Falcons in the 2024 NFL Draft

These three quarterbacks would fit perfectly with the Atlanta Falcons.
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Call me crazy but I believe Michael Penix is the second best quarterback in the class.

I get it, he has a terrifying injury history and issues working underneath and in the middle of the field, but that arm is so special. He throws the football with ridiculous ease and velocity. He has exceptional touch and does not take sacks. Throw in the fact that he has been a winner wherever he has gone, Penix can be a franchise quarterback.

I will say, I don't want him starting in week one for any team. That makes the Falcons a perfect destination. He can recover and strengthen himself while also learning from Cousins how to work underneath and in the middle.

All things considered, no team is a better fit for Penix than the Atlanta Falcons.