3 Players the Atlanta Falcons could regret passing on in round 1

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The Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans made the most surprising move in this year's top ten picks with Houston moving up and taking C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson back-to-back while Atlanta drafted Bijan Robinson 8th overall.

Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith have added Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson in the first round in their first three years in Atlanta. Clearly, the duo believes in adding who they believe to be the best player and fit regardless of position.

Drafting a tight end or a running back inside the top ten can both be looked at as risky decisions considering the position value. Drafting Bijan is without question the riskiest move considering the short careers at the position and the talent Atlanta passed on still with obvious needs on the defensive side.

Bijan Robinson is an exciting pick and one that will have an instant and electric impact, however, this doesn't mean it was the right pick. Robinson is a risk one that Atlanta will need to have a huge impact on offense over the next three years to clearly be worth a top-ten pick. Even then there are players Atlanta could regret passing on with the 8th overall pick.