3 Players the Atlanta Falcons hope fall in today's draft

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Will Anderson Jr., Chandler Rogers
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1. Will Anderson Jr.

The only way that Will Anderson is going to fall in this draft is if all four quarterbacks expected to go in the first round are in the first five draft picks and two teams pass on the best pass-rushing prospect in the draft. Jalen Carter could easily be ranked above Anderson when it comes to prospects leaving the possibility that one team takes Carter and four teams either move up or sit in their current slots and take quarterbacks.

Even in that scenario, two teams would have to pass on a player who along with Carter and C.J. Stroud should be considered the best prospect in the draft. As tempting as it might be to move up to target Anderson the risk isn't worth spending the draft picks it would take to lock up the prospect.

It is completely possible Anderson is the second player off the board or Will falls out of the top five altogether giving Atlanta a bit of hope of adding the elite pass rusher they so clearly need.

Adding Will to this defensive line would give Atlanta a clear top-ten defense and reason to believe they can be a real playoff threat based on their pass rush and ability to control the clock running the ball. Unfortunately, any scenario that has Anderson falling won't see the pass rusher make it past the 6th pick.