3 Players the Atlanta Falcons hope fall in today's draft

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CJ Stroud
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2. C.J. Stroud

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons are clearly happy with Desmond Ridder and have spent the off-season dodging ridiculous Lamar Jackson rumors and quarterback speculation. However, Stroud is clearly an elite prospect and if the quarterback were to fall this changes the perspective completely.

Stroud shouldn't make it past the Panthers as the clear best quarterback in this draft lacking the size and health concerns that Bryce Young will face at the next level. Even if the Panthers and Texans prefer Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson are the Colts so poorly run that they would take Will Levis?

While it is worth keeping a close eye on it is impossible that all three teams clearly targeting a quarterback are so poorly run that they would reach for inferior prospects in favor of a quarterback who put together as great of a final college game as possible against an elite Georgia defense.

Stroud falling to Atlanta is the only thing that should change the Falcons' plan at quarterback with Ridder clearly a great fit and capable of being a long-term option. Still, it is worth keeping an eye on with the uncertainty surrounding the top of this year's draft.