3 Players the Atlanta Falcons would love to steal from Tampa Bay

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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3. Ryan Jensen

There are a number of defensive pieces that would fit well in Nielsen's system for the final stolen player. However, this is Arthur Smith's team we are talking about and is there a player that Smith would love to have on his team more than Ryan Jensen?

Drew Dalman has been a solid starter and should continue to improve this season with a strong unit around him. With that said, there is no debating that Jensen is the far better option and an absolute mauler from the center position.

The way that Jensen plays slightly unhinged would absolutely endear him to Atlanta fans. Jensen is both an elite center and the bouncer that protects your skill players and quarterback. Ryan would thrive in Smith's system and give the team one of the strongest offensive lines in the league.

We know that Atlanta has focused their attention on retaining their offensive line and building up the defensive line this off-season. While it may not be the flashy moves some fans enjoy it is big guys that win football games and bringing in Jensen would help Atlanta win a lot of games in the 2023 season.