3 players we do not want starting for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons

These three players should not be given starting gigs for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024.
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3. Richie Grant, S

Hearing Raheem Morris sing the praises of Richie Grant was cringe-worthy. I don't know any Falcons fan who wants to see him back in a starting role.

Whether it was blown coverages or blown tackles, Grant was not good. He was given every opportunity to improve last season, playing nearly every snap for most of the season, he did nothing but decline.

DeMarcco Hellams took his spot late and then when Hellams was injured in week 18, Grant was back as the starter. It didn't go too well as he gave up 60 yards and a touchdown.

Sure, keep him as a depth piece Raheem Morris but please do not put him in the starting lineup in week one.


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