3 players who have a mysterious future with the Falcons

We have no idea what the future holds for these three Falcons players.
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Falcons have their starting lineup basically set. At the positions you would usually find competition, you find stability. The first position that comes to mind is the offensive line, the Falcons have their starting five which isn't something most teams can say.

Then as you move down the depth chart, you have those depth young and veteran players who will likely make the roster. Then you move into a wave of those players who will have to fight hard to make the roster.

There are a few outliers in all of this. The three players on the upcoming slides are sitting in a position where we have no idea what their future holds. Could they be cut? Will they stick around? Will they land on the practice squad?

Things only become more cloudy when you factor in a new coaching staff. We do not know what this team thinks about these players which creates for a mysterious future.