3 players who have a mysterious future with the Falcons

We have no idea what the future holds for these three Falcons players.
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QB Taylor Heinicke has a mysterious future with the Falcons.

The second player on this list who has a mysterious future due to a new(ish) rule in the NFL.

Last year, the Falcons took advantage of the three-quarterback rule where you can dress an extra emergency QB on gameday and he won't count against the active player limit. It is the reason they kept Logan Woodside.

Now, Heinicke is sitting in a room with a veteran and young QB, much like Woodside was. Will the Falcons take advantage of this rule this year? If so, then Heinicke will stick around, if not, then he is as good as gone.

The other aspect in this is whether the Falcons would be comfortable having Michael Penix Jr. as the backup to Kirk Cousins in week one. Only time will tell on this one which means predicting Heinicke's future is impossible.