3 Points sports media are missing pushing the Atlanta Falcons to chase Lamar Jackson

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons have been under fire for not chasing Lamar Jackson with Blank's recent comments only worsening the roasting being given to Atlanta and Desmond Ridder. While Desmond remains unproven and may not be the long-term answer the way the second-year quarterback is being written off by many remains frustrating.

There is also the frustrating fact that seems to be ignored by many that Baltimore is still holding all of the cards when it comes to Jackson's future. Even if the Falcons negotiated a contract with Lamar with their now non-existent cap space all Baltimore has to do is match it.

If Jackson holds out Baltimore has the ability to put the quarterback in the same situation next off-season if Lamar doesn't show up for the entirety of the season. What is actually happening with Lamar Jackson and what the Atlanta Falcons are attempting to build are being ignored in favor of going after an easy target in the Falcons.

While the Falcons are clearly not changing their stance on Ridder or chasing Lamar the team will likely continue to be attached to the quarterback until the situation resolves. Something that shouldn't be the case if pundits were to dig a bit deeper and look at the full situation objectively.